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Azutama Golden Symbol was established in 1992 as Pan Asia Construction and on June 1997 Azutama Golden Symbol was incorporated to reflect a new era of growth. 


Azutama Golden Symbol has earned an enviable reputation for its commitment, expertise, service, versatility and multidisciplinary skills as a builder over a variety of areas in the construction industry i.e. construction of factory, civil works, infrastructure, precast concrete element, elevated highway and building construction.

Committed builder

Azutama Golden Symbol being a committed builder, posses sound business management skill, expertise and strong works ethics supported with dedicated and competent staff whom couple with proactive approach is strategically poised to undertake breath of challenging projects.


Azutama Golden Symbol works as a team and believe our clients are our partners. We guarantee consistently high standard of professionalism and highest quality of works.


Azutama Golden Symbol is committed to the provision of excellent services in delivering high quality work within agreed deadlines. With that philosophy, AGS believes that it is able to contribute positively towards raising standards in the construction industry.

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